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About Us

A World Beyond Home


This Is Us

Kids’ Creek Early Care & Education is a Great Start to Quality rated preschool program that acquaints each child with a world that lies beyond home, a world that will provide new meaningful personal relationships with children their own age and adults who are truly committed to developing the child’s emotional, academic, social, and physical skills; along with growing the child’s heart for Christ.

What Makes
Kids' Creek Unique

Kids' Creek ECE is a world beyond home where it is our priority to create a positive, quality, safe learning environment for your child while also teaching them the love of Jesus. Each classroom models a close-knit, family-felt community where kids can feel safe and cared for. Kids' Creek is also unique in creating accessibility to daycare. If you are unable to pay full-price tuition, under specific circumstances, we offer scholarships for tuition assistance.

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