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3 - 5  year old classrooms

Our high quality Preschool program is offered in two different age groups. We call them the 3 Year Preschool and the 4 Year Preschool class. In Preschool we prepare your child for the next step on their educational journey. We work on all the developmental domains such as social, emotional, fine motor, large motor, language and literacy, problem solving, and sensory. We also support children’s development spiritually with a foundation in Christ. We support all of these areas throughout the day. The daily Preschool routine includes: child initiated play, planning, reviewing, large group, small group, snack, music, Jesus time, and outdoor/indoor large motor skills.


We recognize that many families need full-time childcare in addition to Preschool, which is why we offer that option. Our full-day care allows parents to drop their child off as early as 7:00am, and pick up by 6:00pm. Our full-day children have time for breakfast, lunch, outdoor pay, rest time, afternoon snack, and a thoughtfully curated environment to play and learn at their own pace, through their own unique interests.


You may sign up for Preschool ONLY (9:00am -12:00pm), or full-day childcare with our Preschool program included. Check out the options below.


3 Year Preschool

*Open to children between 3 and 4-years old

*Must be 3 by September 1st and fully potty trained


4 Year Preschool

*Open to children between 4 and 5-years old


*A small number of scholarships are available each year. Please reach out to us to learn how to apply for a Preschool scholarship.

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Schedule Options

Schedules are first-come, first served. A completed paperwork packet and registration fee holds your child’s spot on the days that you choose.


We ask that parents choose from the following schedule options:






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